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Postcards from Italy: Italian for Travelers [Schedule]
You don't need a passport to immerse yourself in Italian life! Our new interactive extended length series of classes create real-life Italian situations to quickly build your conversation skills. Learn the words and expressions that will help you make the most of your next trip to Italy.
Italian 1 [Schedule]
This course is for the beginner student with no knowledge of Italian. After completion, the course will be able to speak in present tense and be able to read and write basic sentences. This course approximately covers the first three chapters in the Prego, 7th edition textbook.
Italian 2 [Schedule]
Students will build upon Italian 1 and learn more vocabulary and grammar so they will be able to speak more about basic everyday situations. Students will also be using past tense. This course approximately covers chapters four through six in the Prego, 7th edition textbook.
Speaking and Reinforcing... [Schedule]
In this course you will reinforce some of the more challenging aspects presented in Italian 1 and Italian 2. Doing so will help you use these principals in conversation, strengthening your speaking skills.
Italian 3 [Schedule]
Continuing on the previous courses (Italian 1 and Italian 2), students will be increasing their proficiency and will be able to speak about basic situations using present, past and future tenses. This course approximately covers chapters seven through ten in the Prego, 7th edition textbook.
Intermediate 1-4 [Schedule]
Coming after Italian 3, this is a series of four courses: Intermediate 1 through 4. These courses will cover Chapters 10 through 18 of the textbook Prego!, 7th edition. Thanks to an interactive teaching method, students will practice new grammar concepts, conversation, and reading, and will expand their vocabulary.
Intermediate Conversation and Grammar Review[Schedule]
Conceived as a bridge from Intermediate 4 to Advanced 1, this course is an overall review of the most challenging concepts taught in the Intermediate level and an introduction to the Advanced courses. This course is focused on various interactive activities and the materials will be provided by the school.
Advanced Italian 1-5 [Schedule]
Coming after Intermediate Conversation and Grammar Review (or equivalent), this is a series of five courses: Advanced 1 through 5. Da Capo, 7th edition is the textbook. These courses will review and expand upon the grammar covered in previous courses, while building on students' prior knowledge of skills such as listening, speaking, reading, improvising, and writing. All within the context of Italy's fascinating culture.

In Conversation [Schedule]
Requires Advanced Italian 5 or equivalent. This course follows the series based on the Da Capo textbook. With this course will we build upon Advanced 3 adding in the more challenging concepts. You will review Intermediate — level speaking skills through regular practice and oral presentations. If needed, you may also spend class time reviewing some grammatical principles. Instructors make use of multimedia to teach and reinforce lessons. Doing so will make each class lively, varied, and engaging.
L'italiano di oggi [Schedule]
This class addresses the needs of Intermediate to Advanced — level students. In it, you will discuss current events in Italian life. You will watch short programs and discuss all aspects of contemporary Italian culture. Instructors will use multimedia to teach and reinforce lessons. The course includes reading and writing, discussion, viewing, and oral presentations.
Letteratura [Schedule]
Introducing advanced students to the pleasure of classic and contemporary Italian literature. We will read and discuss short stories or a novel, written by authors including Italo Calvino, Dino Buzzati, Natalia Ginzburg, Stefano Benni, Andrea De Carlo, Andrea Camilleri, Carlo Lucarelli, Erri De Luca, and many others. Fluency is required for this course.
Learning Assistance Classes (for Italian 1 and 2) [Schedule]
In order to help students during the term, we off a FREE review class where a teacher will assist students with questions and offer academic reinforcement during the fifth week of term. These classes are open only to current students. Reservations are highly appreciated. Minimum 6 students required.
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