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"Un viaggio con i tempi verbali dell'italiano": Part of our ongoing verb workshop series.
Friday, February 8th — 5:30pm-7:30pm — (Intermediate to Advanced)
Tuition: $40
Each workshop will focus on different verb tenses through usage and practice.
Workshops will feature:
  • Use of passato prossimo versus imperfetto
  • Which auxiliary verb (essere o avere) to use with the past tense
  • When is the future tense required
  • How to use the present tense to express an action in the future
  • Is the imperative used only to command?
  • How to use the conditional present and the conditional past tenses
  • What is the difference between the present tense and the present progressive
  • How to use the present tense in simple "if" phrases
  • How to unravel the complex nature of hypothetical (contrary to fact) phrases with the subjunctive
  • And how the use of the four tenses of the subjunctive mood correctly
In this series of workshops students will learn when and how to use these tenses. They will acquire tips and sharpen their skills through practice and drills.
"Si dice... Non si dice"
Friday, March 1st — 5:30pm-7:30pm — (Requires Italian 2)
Tuition: $40
This two hour workshop focuses on the most common errors made by nearly all American students of Italian. Students must know both present and past verb tenses.
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